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Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath
Crusade History


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Crusade History

The blood-soaked story of the Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath

In M42.662, the 3-world Varios sector was invaded by a massive horde of Worldeaters. The system was near defenseless, and the Khorne followers easily swept through the Imperial Guard defenses, taking few casualties. After the first day of fighting an unnamed Crusade was organized to counter-attack the Chaos forces. The fleet of the Crusade dropped troops off on the 2 of the planets, Tyosia, Yerad, and Uria, which wasn't touched by the invasion. Weeks of fighting passed as the Black Templars trekked through the ruined cities, destroying the Worldeaters. After the fourth battle, a Chaplain only knew as the Lord of Flame, addressed the troops. He told them to rest, and heal all their wounds with prayers to the Emperor. He told them to have faith, for they will, someday, will rid of the traitors. "We shall never surrender. We came here to fight, and we will fight, for we are the servants of the Emperor's Wrath!" were his words. After 3 days, the troops were ready to fight again. The next target on Tylosia was a large hill with a ruined Imperial Fortress on top of it overrun with Chaos. All twenty of the assault marines and all 7 bikers charged first, followed by the ground troops supported by Brother Charius, the dreadnought, and Flame of Fury, the vindicator. The Flame of Fury's demolisher cannon punched a deep wound into the fortress. The wall crumpled. The Initiates charged into the mass of berzerkers. After nine grueling hours, each berzerker was slain. To celebrate their victory, The Lord of Flame burned all the traitor's corpses and gave a proper burial to their losses. At this time only 92 ground troops, 3 bikes, 8 assault troops, 4 terminators, a damaged landspeeder, all the tanks, and the Lord of Flame remained.
He whipped them into a frenzy, and prepare to assault Yerad. The fleet dropped them off and took on the Chaos fleet above. The Crusade's fleet rose victorius. On Yerad, the fighting was fierce. The crusade was ambushed twice while resting, and had fought 6 battles until they came to a large fort with a fence of spikes skewering the heads of the Imperials. This angered the Templars so much, they charged so hard and fast like they never charged before. They overwhelmed the Worldeaters, who were easily stomped after only 3 hours of fighting. The Chaos Lord, Urial, was clove in 3 pieces by the Lord of Flame. The Chaplain took several wounds, but survived. The Templars celebrated, by the burning of the Chaos corpses followed by a large feast. The Templars than worked on patrolling the sector until the planets rebuilt. After Imperial Scholars heard of this, the crusade was dubbed, "Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath" after the words of the Lord of Flame.