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Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath
The Dark Eldar


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The Dark Eldar
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Ah, the heretical part of me finally gave in to allow the Dark Eldar to hitch a ride so to speak. This section is still under construction, so pardon my dust.

My Kabal

My kabal is named the blood serpents, after their red and green scheme. I haven't hardly started writing fluff, but I have a basic idea: A kabal of red and green armored pirates were crazed freaks, claiming a curse was on them, making them thirst for blood to survive. They were banished from Commorrogh, forced to wander the universe. The Blood Serpents, led by the fearless Ur'lklazr wandered the galaxy, raiding only densely-populated planets, such as hive worlds, because they could steal more slaves. A Blood Serpents force consists of lots of warriors, lots of reavers, and more reavers.

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