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Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath
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Welcome to the Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath page! This is a web site exclusively for Warhammer 40,000 Black Templars.


but maybe not to people who don't appreciate Black Templars.

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3-23-01: INQUISITOR MADNESS! I have found some pics of inquisitor models, they are on the INQUISITOR page.

3-4-01: Added Black Templar Tactics.


CELEBRATING 1000 HITS!!!!! To celebrate this I am adding the "Castellan's Journal" my advice and rants about 40k. Another new feature is the Teleport Homer. It is a section of links where you can add YOUR link to it. Links to any content not related to 40k will be deleted.

1-23-01:Hello again! I finally brushed the inch-thick layer of dust on the old poll and replaced it with a new one. Since I was running out of space in the last option, it was meant to say, "If you're favorite unit isn't listed, leave a comment stating what is your favorite unit and why." After codex: tenth company the next in the home-grown codex line-up is Codex: Blood Serpents, a codex for my Dark Eldar Kabal.

1-13-01: Greetings, fellow Templars! I tried out Geocities, but then when I checked my old site for kicks, I found that the poll had 195 votes, 107 of which were under the bar "What's a WH40k?" WTF? Where did all these non-40k players come from? I am working on Codex: Tenth Company, an army list of just scouts. Nothing else, just scouts. I have started a messageboard, to replace the axe. It is simply called the Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath Message Board. Nothing else, just Crusade of the Emperor's Wrath messageboard. There are moderator positions available. If you are interested, E-mail me at


12-3-00: I decided to not do Codex: Mechanized Infantry after all. I don't really want to make it. I added tactics and painting sections, but they are both small.

11-28-00: WOOHOO! I'm officially popular! Well, the poll is going to be pulled after I get home from school since it already has 8 posts over the limit of 25! Also, my site gained 40+ hits since yesterday!

11-27-00:Don't I update quick? I just want to say holy shnikes! Yesterday when I went on my site, there was 96 hits on the counter, and 9 votes on the poll. An hour or so ago I went on my site and there was a staggering 126 hits and a total of 17 votes on the pole! Now there is 141 hits on my site. Holy crap! My site has became a popular hangout overnight! Keep on coming to my site, I'm trying to reach the 150 mark. After 25 votes, the poll will be closed and a new one will replace it.

11-25-00: Yes yet another update! :-) Today the warhammer 40k league at 3d house of games started again. My templars lost a battle against Orks, later I played a pick-up game against a Dark Angels player. At the end of the game I had 1 initiate with bolt pistol and sword, an apothecary, 2 terminators, and a chaplain. He had a crusader, 2 tactical marines, and a command squad. At first I was winning, but then his crusader came in range of my troops. After that it was a nail-biting game. EVERY unit made it to close combat.

11-22-00: I added this nifty little poll, a counter, and a guestbook. The Axe is gone :(, and I added Crusade history.

In this site, I will have tactics for using Black Templars, Home-Grown Codices for other races, How to paint Black Templars, A coming soon section, and an updates section.

If you have any suggestions for the site, E-mail me at

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