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Castellan's journal: "Army Composition"

This entry shows you how to create a balanced army that is isn't leaned on a specialized aspect of 40k.

Many gamers make the mistake of making a very shooty army that will be killed by assault troops, or a very choppy army that will be killed by shooty units. To avoid this happening to you, create a balanced army that combines the elements of 40k: Movement, shooting, and assault, into one balanced army.
I take a very balanced army to play 40k with. I take 2 assault squads, one with a power weapon, and one with a power fist, a 15 man Templar squad, and a command squad led by a close combat oriented character. If I used just this to fight, say, Eldar, this army will be chewed up and spat out in turn 2. Why? Most of the time your precious command squad gets blasted by those dark reapers, or those 3 wraithlords over there, because YOU didn't soften them up with shooting.
Say I created an army, of 2 Tactical squads with plasma gun and cannon, and a vindicator and whirlwind, and an under-equipped character. If I fought, say, Eldar again, they will get crushed by howling banshees in falcons, and warp spiders and any assault troops. Why? Because that army had NO close quarters abilities.
To beat that army, You would have to have the command squad, the vindicator, the assault troops, and the tac. squads. The tac. squads and shooty elements soften up the enemy for the assault troops to crash the Eldar's party and drive them back. ALWAYS, take at least 5 shooty units, and at least 5 assault units. This is the recipe to success. So remember, create a balanced army.
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