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Castellan's Journal: "Cheesiness: The truth revealed"

Many people call too-powerful armies "Cheesy". Well, here is the truth about cheesiness.

Okay, so Eldar, Space Wolves and Blood Angels may be a little bit too strong. people often call them "cheesy" an over-abused word. Maybe they, think your force commander with iron halo, artificer armor, and 2 master-crafted lightning claws and 9 man command squad with techmarine, apothecary, and standard bearer with power weapons mounted in a Land Raider Crusader is cheesy. Well, "cheesiness" is things that are illegal. If it is allowed in the rules, it is not "cheesy". I know, some people are probably thinking, "Man you are smoking crack!" Well, I'm not. "One man's Cheesiness is another man's brilliance", quote Tiger Raja, a gamer from a website called The Jungle.
So there, I revealed the truth about cheesiness. The next time you see a gamer say something is cheesy, explain to him the truth about cheesiness. -Castellan Angrytemplar Back to the site