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The Arcane Sanctuary
Painting of a Crimson Fist marine


Read at your own risk! This is the ramblings of angrytemplar, the Webmaster.

Things I don't like about the Warhammer 40,000 Universe

1. The Eldar. The Eldar are by far in my opinion, the worst race in warhammer 40,000. No offense to Eldar players, but it seems every Eldar player must have at least 2 wraithlords. I have yet to see an original Eldar army in action, being one not heavy with Howling Banshees, and Wraithlords.

2.The fact that I can't move and fire with Ordnance.=)

3.The fact that Crimson Fists don't have a codex.=)

4.The fact that Crimson Fists don't have a codex.=)

5.The lack of Crimson Fists players within the ranks of Space Marine players.:(

6.Those models are too darn expensive!

7.Those models are too darn expensive!

8.Warhammer 40,000 is too addictive! It's worse then Pringles! Once you buy a model, you're hooked.

9.Waterslide Transfers are too hard to place on a model flat.

10. Warhammer 40k players who only play to win. This message is too all those players who only play to win. When you eat your dinner, I hope you choke...just a little bit. Just kidding!

11. Ummmmmmm......

Crimson Fists Tactics.

In every game, I take a Chaplain, and a Space Marine hero. Why? I'll tell ya. A Chaplain armed with a power fist and crozius, equipped with a jump pack, and terminator honors, and a Marine hero, usually a Commander, armed with a power fist and power weapon, iron halo, jump pack, and terminator honors, can really butcher an enemy line. The jump packs enable them to ignore difficult terrain, move 12", and stay out of the teeth of the enemy's guns. The power weapons are used for initially slashing up infantry, while the power fists enable them to deal with heavily armored enemies, and tanks, making 2 very versatile HQ choices.

I usually take multiple 10-man tactical squads with sargents, missile launchers, and flamers. In other games, I replace the launchers with lascannons, or heavy bolters, to use to fight against different kinds of enemies. They can sit and shoot, or take the fight to the enemy.

In the Elites department, I take a dreadnought with a lascannon and missile launcher, to take on heavier enemies, and tanks.

For fast attack, if I need to capture an objective, I use an assault squad with jump pack, about an 8-man squad, 2 plasma pistols and a sargent. If I just need a counter-charge unit for my tactical squads, I take an assault squad without jump packs. For more info on Counter-charge units, read on.

For heavy support, I always take a Devastator squad, with 3 missile launchers. These can take on tanks with krak missiles, or they can eat up infantry and spit out the pieces with frag missiles.
Often I take a vindicator. In my opinion, it is one of the best space marine tanks, being well armored compared to a whirlwind or rhino, and is armed with a demolisher cannon. The demolisher cannon can really blow the living crap out of anything within range, having an ordnance template and strength 10, and armor penetration of 1. Though it has only a range of 24", meaning the enemy has to be close to be hit. But, the demolisher cannon also makes the vindicator a big fat target. If you deploy it out in the open, you might as well paint a bulls eye on it and write "Brightlances shoot here" on it. If you want it to survive more then 2 turns, deploy it in cover, on a flank with lots of cover, and less heavy weapons, with lots of little guys to kill with it.

General Space Marine Tactics

You can't sacrifice a squad of Space Marines. Sure, an IG player may be able to do it but Space Marines can't. A squad of Space Marines is too expensive. If a Bloodthirster popped up near my squad of tactical marines and chaplain, I would send the Chaplain to fight it. Why? Because if the Chaplain dies, the Bloodthirster advances into the Tactical marines, allowing me to shoot at it, giving me a chance to bust some caps in it before it charges. If I'm lucky, I'll send it back to the Eye of Terror.

The power of Counter charge is very unstoppable when used correctly. Tactical squads, are not the best in close combat. Sure, they are space marines, but leave the charging to the specialists. If you have a firing line of Tactical squads, keep a cheap assault unit behind it. Assault squads without jump packs work good, but so do chaplains, even only armed with a bolt pistol and terminator honors it can do some damage. If an enemy unit is about to charge your Tactical squads, use your counter charge unit as a firefighter - move up, shoot and charge the enemy with the counter-chargers, hopefully destroying or driving them back.

My opinion on Cheese

Cheese is a very misunderstood term. Many people cry "Cheese!" when they are getting pounded into the ground by a super army. But if that super army is legal, its not cheesy. Something is only cheesy if it is not allowed in the rules. Many people call Assassins cheese. In fact, Assassins are a fluffy addition to a Warhammer 40,000 game. They are only cheesy when used EVERY game. So the next time someone cries "Cheese!" at your super army, enlighten them with the wise teachings of the angrytemplar(COUGH!).=)