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Painting of a Crimson Fist marine


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Painting of a Crimson Fist marine

Ah...painting. The way your army comes alive.


Step 1: Basecoat. Brush on black paint on the model.
Step 2: Paint Regal Blue on the armor except for the left hand.
Step 3: Paint the left hand red, the top part of the purity seal and the helmet's eyes red.
Step 4: Paint the chest eagle, bolter details, and backpack details(the skull) Bleached bone.
Step 5: Put blue ink on the brush, then dip it in water and pull it out, then paint it on the blue parts. When dry, paint Ultramarines blue on the edges of the armor. Use the ink technique with chestnut ink this time and paint it on the bleached bone areas.
Step 6: Paint boltgun metal on the helmet hoses and speaker, certain areas on the backpack, and the barrel, the clip, and the back part of the gun. Paint snakebite leather on the base, purity seal, and pouches on the belt. Take an old brush, dip it in Elmer's glue, and paint it in small spots on the base. Then, dip the base into flock and shake off the excess. Then paint the flock gray, or a sandy color to simulate rocks and gravel.
Step 7: Place the Crimson Fists transfer on the left shoulder pad, or paint it yourself.

Voila! A Crimson Fist space marine has been complete.