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The War for Seriak VII Online Campaign Site
Record your battles

In the Seriak sector, a Chaos Invasion is moving closer and closer to Seriak VII, the capitol world. Seriak VII is a key strategic point and is valuable to the Imperium. They can't lose it.

Welcome to the Seriak sector, home of the Seriak VII campaign. There are two commanders, an Imperial one and a Chaos one. These Commanders tell what is happening in the campaign to their side after I tell their commander.

What you do in the campaign

You fight battles against anyone, then you send your results in to me. I then calculate the victories, to determine who is winning and who is losing. I then tell the commanders if they are winning or losing. The commanders tell their side. Both sides keep playing more battles. I hope to run thi campaign for at least a month.

How to join: go to the thread, "Another Online Campaign" in the Black Templars forum in the bolter and chainsword.

The bolter and chainsword