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Painting of a Crimson Fist marine

History of the Crimson Fists

The Crimson Fists, being a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists, are a very old Space Marine Chapter.

A Crimson Fists Space Marine is allowed to paint his left gauntlet left upon initiation, and may paint his right gauntlet when becoming a member of the Crusade Company. The Crusade Company is the first company of the Crimson Fists, which is called the Crusade Company because it took part in the Crusade of Righteous Liberation.

The most revered individuals in the Crimson Fists are allowed to use one of the chapter's ancient power gloves.

The Crimson Fists most recent campaign was on Badlanding, where they were crushed by the forces of the Ork Warlord Snagrod.

Snagrod then invaded Rynn's World, homeworld of the Crimson Fists. The Orks were eventually destroyed, but a missile fired at an Ork ship malfunctioned and struck the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, destroying it.

For more on history of the Crimson Fists, click menu and then 40k background.