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Here's a gallery of entries of vehicles made by people. I have a couple down here, but I don't have pics :(

Landspeeder Rage

My model for this was heavily, heavily converted from a Landspeeder Typhoon. I took off the heavy bolter or multi melta, and put an enormous gun I found from an old G.I. Joe when I was looking through my drawer -o- junk. The gun is very futuristic looking, and when I say enormous, that means it's bigger than two space marine models standing on top of each other! I also had a twin-linked heavy bolter on the roof and a twin-linked missile launcher on the sides. On the side of the huge gun's compartment, I had a rhino door to act as sort of a shield on the side to protect it from fire on the gun's side of the cockpit. I will post the rules later, since I lost the piece of paper that had rules on it.


The Hornet will be a later vehicle creation of mine. It will be a flying rhino with a plasma cannon, 2 twin-linked multi-meltas with blasts or a demolisher cannon. I don't plan on making it for a long, loooong time.


The Eviscerator will be my next vehicle conversion, and I am telling you now it will be enormous. I will glue two rhino hulls together, I'll add some twin-linked bolters, a demolisher cannon, a meltagun or two, it will have probably 2 structure points and decked out with armor. I might even use converted marines as crew for it. . . .