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Here are some new missions and campaigns for your Warhammer 40,000 games.

New mission: Spaceship fight

Attacker's overview: you are sending an attack to an enemy vessel in space, trying to thwart and enemy leader's plans, capture the enemy ship to use for recon, or sabotage the ship.

Deployment: the attacker rolls a scatter dice. In the direction it points, on the edge of the table is your deployment zone. Mark that area, as you will roll for reserves to come in on the first turn.
The defender sets up on the opposite side of the board, facing the attacking deployment zone.

Line of retreat: both sides fall back towards their deployment zone.

Mission objective: The defender must place a piece of terrain(a computer, an extra miniature, etc.) in the center of the board. The attacker must assault this and hold it for a turn. The defender must prevent the enemy from reaching the objective, by totally destroying the enemy force or to prevent the enemy from getting the objective.

CAMPAIGN: Scars of Bedosia

Defender's overview: you are defending your vessel from an incoming boarding party.

Note: A spaceship isn't exactly as roomy as a battlefield, so use a smaller table to represent the less space inside a vessel.

Reserves: The defender deploys as much of his army to fit half the board, the rest come in as reserves(other vessels learn of the attack and send reinforcements.). The attacker goes first and rolls for reserves. The attacker's entire army is in reserve. The defender's reserves can't come until after turn 2.

Turns: The game lasts until the objective is achieved or the defender has destroyed the attacking force.

My two cents: I hope you have fun playing this mission!